Monday, May 28, 2012

Internet Senior Care Referral Services: Elderhomecarelink

One of the easiest ways to receive eldercare referrals is through the internet. There are several internet senior care referrals agencies.One of the most reliable is The service is free for individuals looking for referrals for their loved ones but the providers of the homecare services are charged a very affordable yearly fee for belonging to the network of providers.

Hospital Social Workers

Hospital social workers do a lot of referrals. Developing relationships with social workers of different hospitals and skilled nursing facilities is one of the most effective ways to get senior care clients.

Doctors Offices

Liasing with geriatric doctors as well as general practice physiicans to refer senior care clients to one's business could be another successful tool because people usually take doctor's referrals seriously.


Advertising in churches may sound wierd but what matters is the manner of approach used. A very common way of advertising in churches is by liasing with the church secretary or church pastor to include ones flyers into the programs. Some may or may not accept this, so an easier way is to print fans and distribute them to members of the church.If one is a member of that church, the pastor can also announce their business in church. Organizing seminars relating to senior health and distributing flyers when people come for those seminars are also effective.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities are a good place to advertise own's home care business because some seniors do not stay there forever and would like to go home. Some families also like to have sitters with their loved ones when they are at the assisted living facilties to help change their diapers, give them baths assist with range of motion on time.

Assisted Living Facilities

Visiting assisted living facilities may not be a very good idea because the owners of the facility may have the impression that their clients are being taken from them.

Senior Living Communities

Visit senior living communities and leaving flyers at EACH door is a very effective way of getting home care clients. Many of them may return calls requesting for companion services. Apart from leaving flyers at their doors, having a knowledge of their activity days and making presentations about senior care illnesses and subsequently advertising one's senior care business is also effective.